My name is Campbell Speelman, I am a 23 year old creative currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
After completing the Associates Degree in Graphic Design course offered by RMIT, I continued study within design and graduated from the Bachelor of Communication Design course with distinction. 
I couldn't be happier to have fulfilled my dream of working as a full-time digital graphic designer within the marketing department of AIST, and I now eagerly look forward to the next step in my professional career, taking the skills I learnt along the way.
I am constantly inspired to explore new areas of design with my most recent interests including AI generated art, augmented reality design, motion graphic design and more. 
I have a broad set of Graphic Design skills that I have attained through several years of personal interest and exploration, engaged tertiary education, as well as industry experience solving real-world scenarios.
My diverse skillset allows me to thrive in areas of design such as, Motion Graphics, AI Generated Brand Identity Design, Web Design, Typography, UI Design, Photo Compositing, Photo Editing and Digital Illustration. I particularly enjoy brand identity projects where I am in charge of creative direction as I take pride in bringing clients ideas to life.

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