"The phrase ‘out of place’ can be interpreted in many ways and mean many different things; positive, negative, emotions, experiences or sayings. It can be wacky and witty, powerful and emotional or abstract and obscure."
My contribution to the booklet
The spreads I developed under the theme of "OUT OF PLACE" featured film photography I had captured during the Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests. The images I captured were focused on the riot police blockades that were set up around the legislative building in where the extradition bill would be written into law. 2 million Hong-Kongers attended the 2019 protest to express their distaste for the government's blatant disregard for the democracy of the special-administrative territory. 
Hong Kong has historically upheld a strong reputation for being a safe place to live with an established and agreed upon sense of order which makes the political unrest and expansive protests so abstract to the culture of Hong Kong. One might describe the situation, "OUT OF PLACE"...
In addition to how the protests and mainland influence juxtapose the day-to-day life of Hong Kong, I added my own creative touches to my images that are both subtle yet eye-catching. See if you can spot them.
Cover design by Teagan, spreads by Gaia and Suzie
Spread by Gabi
Spread by Devi
Spread by Campbell (Myself)
Spread by Teagan
Spread by Shirley
Risks and challenges
"With a project of this scale and short time frame, the main challenges and risks are managing on-time print quality and overall project deliverability. Regarding on-time print quality, we’ve partnered with Impact Digital who our students have used multiple times before to produce similar publications. They are able to produce high quality outcomes which has been demonstrated by these previous publications, resulting in great feedback and we trust them to deliver the best perfect bound book possible."
"Regarding overall project deliverability, this process has been tested by multiple groups of RMIT students. Our committed project management team have worked to provide a clear, achievable timeline which has been brought forward several weeks to make things happen earlier and all students meet regularly to remain on the same page. It is because of this, we think we have the risk of potential delays mitigated."
- Process -

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