The project involved establishing the brand identity and promotional material required for a retrospective exhibition reflecting on the movement and music of Pink Floyd. I chose the title "A Trip with Pink Floyd" as it entails an adventure yet the word “Trip” posses connotations to the psychedelic experience. This title suggests more of a “spiritual” or metaphorical journey through their existence. 
Their music is distinctly unique, characterized by their extended compositions, abstract
instruments and experimentation. The albums they created are a journey, as each song
would flow into another, exploring different moods and ideas. Dark Side of the Moon is
the band’s most popular album, and was the best selling album of it’s time and remains in
the top five decades later.
When Pink Floyd first started, Syd Barrett was a key member of the group, defining
who Pink Floyd was as a band. While every member of Pink Floyd had experimented with
drugs, Syd Barrett indulged to the point of harm. His mental health, relationships and
personality took a big toll as a result. 
Having been one of the driving members of the bands early success, his new-found
unreliability became a big issue for the rest of the members. As Syd’s drug induced
Schizophrenia worsened, the band had no choice but to stop working with him
introducing David Gilmour into the band.
The art direction behind this exhibition is a tribute to Syd's chaotically vivid and free spirit. His influence wrote the first chapter of Pink Floyd's music before passing the reins onto Gilmour.

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