The destruction, alteration and transformation of media will reveal design possibilities that are yet to meet widespread adoption or professional practice. My project explores the in-depth abstraction of media to facilitate uncharted perspectives that challenge meaning and incite a shift in paradigm.

The practice of art and design is rooted within the achievement of logical goals as the exploration manifests itself from the central idea or concept. However, an exploration into abstraction manifests in isolation, detached from an idea or concept. This ungrounded approach allows us to attribute meaning subsequently. This sequence of exploration makes for a more authentic meaning to reveal itself as the alternate practice of attempting to articulate a concept may prove to be unfitting. 
Seltzer in its most basic form is simply carbonated water. As a healthy alternate to sugary sodas, it makes for a guilt-free refreshment often with fruity flavors on offer.
More recently, alcoholic seltzer has gained popularity recently with brands such as 
“White Claw” and “Fizzer” offering a selection of “hard seltzers”.
While Hard Seltzers are not entirely mainstream yet, the contemporary drink is increasingly becoming the popular choice amongst young adults. As demand grows there is space in the market for new hard seltzer brands to innovate and succeed.
My hard seltzer brand will offer an array of unique and intriguing can designs that will stand out amongst the mainstream options available on the shelves of bars and bottle-shops. 
The story of Hazbo -

Long long ago in a land far away, a mysterious entity named Hazbo was created.

With strong powers , he was unlike others and stood out from those on his home planet 

His powers eventually grew too strong to go unnoticed and his untamed ability damaged those around him

As a result he was banished from his home solar system, “bubblandé” and was teleported several light years away.

Hazbo continued to travel far and wide until he sought refuge on planet NZHT-496, aka “Earth”. 

Hazbo has kept a low profile since he first landed on Earth; however, as his legacy starts to spread, he plans his journey back home as news of an invasion emerges. 

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