"The only café app you'll ever need."
FilterCafé is an app that intelligently connects individuals with their ideal café's by considering their needs and circumstance at a given moment. 
Providing users the opportunity to specifically assert their ideals for the kind of atmosphere, experience and features they seek enables FilterCafé the capacity to guide individuals towards more intentional experiences. 
What's the problem? 
Whether socially, romantically, or another reason entirely, cafes can, and do, play a big part in some peoples lives. They serve as a venue that facilitates our goals with leisure.

So finding the perfect café is a meaningful, and sometimes sentimental experience given the potential time people will spend over time at the establishment.

What is it?
FilterCafé is an App that helps people discover cafes based on their individual demands in a given instance. 

FilterCafé is for people who enjoy and participate within café culture. Currently the app is focused in Melbourne, Australia, a city known for it's love of bean juice.

Who does this help?
To reiterate, FilterCafé is for people who participate within café culture, specifically people living in Melbourne.
James has decided to head into university early so he can finish up his assignment at the library before his studio in the afternoon.
He gets there only to find out the library is closed due to a flood and he can no longer study there.
With his aim to find an alternate study spot, he opens up the FilterCafé App to locate one nearby. 
1.    Now that he’s got the app open at the home screen he navigates to the filter search

2.    From here he selects “Study Spots” & search. 

3.    Now with a map view up, he taps on the closest one and starts navigation.

4.    Success!

Design Process - Concept 1
The first milestone of this multi-staged project sought for us as designers to establish outcomes that would guide our the direction of our projects. The outcomes set out to find an area of weakness within a demographic's  experience from which point we begin to articulate solutions to this roadblock.
The outcomes require the research of a specific demographic to the degree that would provide enough insight to understand and relate to their general experience. 

The second stage of this project involved the development of three UX concepts in the form of a mobile app that would address issues we discovered during our initial exploration. 
My chosen demographic of café lovers lack the existence of an established network that connects themselves to the cafe's which specifically serve themselves. I considered what features of an application would serve the goal of facilitating the connectivity of my demographic to cafe's they desire. 
The first concept I created aimed to specifically serve users wanting a search engine for cafe's based on parameters. 
Design Process pt.1_research
Outcomes -
Understanding and relating to a demographic
Understanding context driven user experience design that connects and empathizes
The development of a research process doc that demonstrates this understanding
Process -
1. Identify a demographic group 
2. Investigate demographic context and routine experiences
3. Conduct primary research on demographic, building narrative for context. 
4. Immerse myself within the context of the demographic to experience and understand specific challenges
5. Reflection, conclusion, summary
User Profile:
Primary Research:

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