Muji holds philosophies behind the type of products they put out, focusing on reducing pollution, and encouraging recycling with a minimalist design to all their products. They have a policy where
their products shouldn’t be seen as branded products but instead purely functional products.
Starting off as a product brand of a supermarket chain in Japan, the first product ranges were aimed at creating affordable quality products. Adopting the slogan “Lower priced for a reason” and
principles for reducing waste, people were drawn to the products Muji sold. Within eleven years of the brand’s birth, Muji started to sell products globally, beginning with a store in London.
The success of my project lies in the unique style of the product graphic design. Each of the products I incorporated in my look-book is designed and presented in an interesting composition which keeps users engaged. This style of composition also presents the user information about the product while sticking to the minimalist design philosophy that is consistent with the Muji brand.
My design solution addressed the users needs when it portrays the products specifications, price and look.
- Process -

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