Photo of CENTREPIECE Kia Arena digital pillar taken during venue visit
On this page, you will find examples of my work in designing print and digital signage for the CMSF 2023 Conference. One of the highlighted pieces is a motion graphic animation that incorporates the established brand identity for the conference.

The animation features falling shapes and the name of the conference, and will be prominently displayed at the CENTREPIECE, Melbourne location of the CMSF 2023 Conference. This work showcases my ability to effectively integrate brand identities into dynamic and eye-catching designs. 
Pillar Animation for CMSF 2023
Displayed at CENTREPIECE
Held in Melbourne, this year’s conference has been reimagined to offer even more opportunities to learn and network via four specialized content streams and a half-day tickets. The four core shapes established as part of the brand identity for CMSF 2023 represent these four content streams and will be used to help attendee's identify the topic of conversation at each program. 
Stream 1:  Navigating the Geopolitical Landscape
Stream 2:  Engaging & Advocating for Better Member Outcomes
Stream 3:  Protecting Members' Interests: Safeguarding the System
Stream 4:  Bringing Retirement to the Forefront
Video of CMSF 2023 Animation at CENTREPIECE Event Space.
AIST Booth Design for CMSF 2022 / 2023
One aspect of the signage and deliverables I was responsible for designing included the AIST booth that to be displayed at CMSF 2022 and CMSF 2023. For this deliverable I worked with Kate Brown, the Senior Manager, Advocacy & Research at AIST to create a timeline graphic that pays homage to the history and future of Superannuation in Australia.
The timeline design highlights the significant milestones that have been made in the superannuation space of Australia while incorporating the brand identity for CMSF and AIST in a cohesive manner. 
Photography of the AIST Booth at CMSF 2022
CMSF Sting 2023
Another deliverable I was responsible for developing as part of CMSF 2023 included a short animated sting that would introduce content presented in relation to the conference. The short video effectively utilizes the core shapes of CMSF's identity through consistent use of typeface, color and shapes to create a minimal yet effective preface to CMSF related content.
CMSF Sting 2023
CMSF 2023 Early bird EDM Animation
As part of our marketing effort for CMSF 2023, we created an array of marketing material to promote the conference. This was present through LinkedIn advertisements, EDM banners, website banners, newsroom MREC's and more. This EDM banner we sent out to our mailing list uses CMSF's visual identity promotes the early bird tickets with an eye catching message and a call to action. 

EDM Banner for CMSF 2023

Additional signage developed for CMSF 2022.

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