From disposables to my beloved Contax T2, developing film will always be expensive.., this in conjunction with being a broke student forces me to make sure what I'm shooting is worth it. While being an "older" technology, the reason why I and so many others are drawn towards film photography is because it possesses another dimension of character, unlike digital. 
The expression, "limitation breeds creativity", harmonizes with film photography for a multitude of reasons. One roll of film that will capture 36 shots costs money and time to buy and develop, forcing users to be cognizant about what they're capturing. Additionally you aren't able to see photographs until you've had the roll developed, with the possibility of out of focus, blurry or just bad images. Finally if any light is exposed to a roll of film or the roll is lost, the photos are gone without hope of recovery.
With a process that involves the constant presence of risk and uncertainty, the feeling that I get upon receiving photos that turned out well is incomparable to digital photography. ​​​​​​​

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